Secret Of Memory Weakness Discovered

According to American scientists over the ages have learned the secret of being weak memory.
The experiments were conducted on mice, scientists found that a particular protein in the brain to reduce the amount of memory can cause weakness.
The discovery of the lost will be found treated the return memory.There is hope that the treatment of lost memory will found by this discovery.The research is published in the journal Science translational Medicine.In this study, twenty-eight of the eighty-eight years of age were analyzed minds of dead people who died after his organs to be donated for medical research was enjoined.Analysis revealed that the gene to make a certain kind of protein is weak with age goes through.Experiments on mice were later found out that the amount of protein was lower in young rats that did not show good performance in memory tests and the old this protein in mice artificially Moved amount of his good memory started functioning.According to Professor Eric Kendall in this study, the memory loss in mice with time to bring back success is very encouraging.”It seems that at least a source of protein and suggests that neurons with age somewhat in the nature of work changes can cause memory loss.

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