The Effect Of Dreamless On The Memory

A brain scan revealed that the victims of dreamless way the mind works different than those whose sleep is.
University of California San Diego in the U.S. The study found that people who do not sleep well enough to concentrate the mind has to struggle.
But other experts say that sleep wiring is connected to the mind or feelings that affect sleep.
The latest research about sleep, “Sleep”, published in the Sleep Journal.
Victims who dream by night in bed is difficult to have an impact on their performance. These late reactions towards something and do not remember things as timely.
In this study of 25 people who have complained about the combat brocade were the 25 people who are considered to get a good sleep.
MRI scan of his brain and his memory at the same time challenging enough to test examinations were designed for.
One of the researchers conducting research on sleep Professor Sen said: “We have the dream that people were not moving properly that part of his mind had been are that the for the pilot memorandum he had not slept part of the brain which apparently had nothing to do with the process.
He added, “This research will help us understand how vision that the victims are not the only problem sleeping at night their minds do not work well during the day.UK researcher Dr Neil Stanley,who pleaded that the two groups had similar sleep quality significantly, but a group of people had complained dreamlike or less.
He said: “What is chicken and egg? What their brains are different to those which have complained of poor sleep.
Maybe they take other things in the night, and maybe even what their working memory and ability to focus attention is affecting.

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