Yoga Exercise Improve Health And Performance Of Heart

Yoga is a name of physical,mental and spiritual practices or disciplines.It is a old tradition of Indian which means to attain a state of permanent peace.Yoga word means,’ Union’ and its full meaning is union with divine.There are many traditions of yoga found in Hinduism,Buddhism and Jainism.Yoga is the most popular and famous exercise these days in the world.Many people are taking advantage from this exercise in Yoga schools,home and other institutes,where Yoga is taught.There are many ways and methods of Yoga,originally Yoga means to control the thoughts of mind and get a state of peace.

How Yoga is useful for health and how it improve health and performance of heart.We will discuss that here:

Yoga not only improve health and performance of heart but Yoga also improve mental and physical health.According to medical experts,many Yoga exercises,which are done on specific time,such as breathing,sitting,deep thinking,keeping hands and feet in relaxed state,directly improve the performance of heart and with that,heart health improves day by day.

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